Exit’ or let’s make room for the founders….’

The principle of belonging / sense of belonging, are basic dynamics that exist in every human system.

This principle simply means that whoever was in the organization, in a certain way continues to interact with the organization and what happened to the organization and belongs to it’s history, continues to interact with the present

This is a  strong invitation to check who belongs to the organization and is not present, who belongs to the organization and does not receive recognition for it, what its meaning is in the group / organization and how much he or she gets a place.

One of the prominent places where it is important for this principle to work is in front of the founders and the meaning of their actions, their departure, and their heritage.

The business and organizational system are created from an individual, partnership or group of people – they are the founders. They are the creative, motivating, and unifying force of the system. They are a kind of ‘the soul’ of the system. They brought life to the thing and created something out of nothing. The more the system is connected to the force that created it and manages to separate what supports forward motion and what stops, the better it will operate.

When there is a  disconnection from the founders and from the same essence that led to the creation of the organization, disconnections are also created in the system and it loses its essence and its soul, it loses the power and glue that keeps it connected. Sometimes so much so that the company takes its growth to different places than the founder intended.

Therefore, when the founders decide to leave the system, sell it or make an exit, a loosening process begins and what holds the system backs away.

This may be reflected in employees starting to leave the organization without being aware that it is facing a sale, in unpleasant and unconscious inheritance struggles and in declining business activity.

Which implies that the process of disintegration begins in the unconscious layer of the organization even before the message to its members comes out.

To prevent this, we suggest that the organization facing a buy / sell or merger  to look at the human factor as a key component in the success of the process.

The acquisition or merger is of people and if for some reason exclusion is created between the process of change and the people it will affect, the sense of exclusion will continue to affect years later and lead to resentful employees and high turnover.

For a successful process that will take the organization forward, even at the human level, a deep understanding of the principle of belonging and its impact on the conduct and personal and interpersonal dynamics in the organization is required. Initiated and focused action is required that strengthens the whole issue of belonging and the emotional connection between the person and the organization.