We are

Four people who are passionate about the Constellations’ work, joined together to discover innovative solutions for people in organizations.

We like Constellations for its simplicity, the creative way of looking at organizational situations and its deep understanding of life processes.

We are a Constellation based Organizational Consultancy, we train org consultants, OD, and HR, and aim to support and promote the development of Organizational Constellations in Israel and abroad

What is 'Organizational Constellations'?

Organizational Constellations is a simple and powerful approach, that helps people, teams, organizations,  collaborations, communities, and other human systems in diagnosing and solution creating of dilemmas and complex situations.

The Team

ישי גסטר

Yishai Gaster

Trainer and consultant in Systemic Constellations. As an ardent traveler I have been consulting, giving seminars and workshops internationally since 1996. With the belief of the huge value of this work to the therapy, coaching and consulting professions, I founded 'The Institute for The Study of systemic Constellations' Israel in 2006. In the Institute today there are over 20 trainers and supporting team.

גלית הרמן

Galit Herman

A leading Systemic Constellations trainer and facilitator. Coaching organizational consultants, developing ways of applying and implementing Systemic Constellation as a 'tool' for creativity and change. I work with companies, businesses and entrepreneurs, giving systemic coaching to team leaders and upper management with leadership challenges.

אביטל סוצ'י

Avital Suchi

Organizational consultant and project management Managing projects of organizations for 15 years. In my work with companies and Organizational Leadership, I bring together systemic Constellations, Focusing and work with creativity.

גלית מוסקוביץ

Galit Moskovich

Organizational consultant, coach and facilitator Supporting organizations, teams and people in the last 15 years, to be the best version of themselves, integrating The Systemic constellations work with other methodologies. My mission is to bring more humanness to the working life, to enhance cooperation and collaboration, and to support the development of independent thinking and positive Organizational Communication.

Our story

It started in 1996 when Yishai, then an Integrative Psychotherapist living in London UK, experiences the approach directly from Bert Hellinger (the founder of it).
He discovers a new and, what feels like, revolutionary approach to working with systems and relationships, and is enchanted by its magical phenomena. Yishai becomes deeply passionate about the work and decides to bring it to Israel. In 2006 Yishai founds the Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations (now – The Constellation’s Path) and develops a more dynamic way of working with it befitting the Israeli culture.
In 2013 he meets Galit Herman, an experienced therapist specializing in coaching entrepreneurs. She becomes his student and with time a facilitator on her own accord, eventually joins forces with Yishai in training  and promoting the work.
Constellations training and have opened a bi-annual training every year since. Then they meet Galit M. and Avital and together with them decide to establish the first Constellation Based Organizational Consultancy – ReMind!

We are:
Yishai Gaster, World renowned Constellations trainer and Facilitator
Galit Herman, crazy about the development of ideas
Galit Moskovich, connecting the human ability to its optimal version
Avital Suchi, when project management meets the person

This is the ReMind team, always looking at the human aspect, at what is hidden from the naked eye, at what is creative and innovative, and at what demands flexibility and new ways of understanding.