We offer

For businesses and organizations ReMind has a fresh and exciting way of bringing clarity to complex challenges.

Organizational Development

We offer systemic solutions to systemic problems through a meaningful and experiential process.
This includes one to one coaching, team building and large audience activities.

  • Vision quest and strategy building
  • Synergy in organizational changes
  • Systemic support in swift organizational growth
  • Shaping the organizational culture and language

Research & Development

Our processes awaken and boost inventive and right brain thinking by producing highly creative environment.

  • Researching beyond what is known 
  • Releasing technological loops and stoppages
  • Systemic innovative Investigation
  • Constellative futurism

A Team at its Best

Team development for organic/matrix structures:  We look in a creative way at synergizing the personal ,the organizational and the mission’s unique needs.

We orientate the workshop through the eyes of the ‘common mission’ and create a systemic solution where all elements are in sync.

  • Common language and mutual trust
  • New understanding of leadership and decision making
  • Open minded environment
  • Releasing stoppages and blockages

Trainings and workshops

In our trainings you will learn how to lead and facilitate personal and organizational changes using Systemic Constellations tools.

An important  addition to your tool box!

  • Systemic Constellations Leadership
  • Tailored Systemic Constellation training for HR
            and OD leaders (HRBP, L&D)
  • The Full  Systemic Constellations certification

Systemic Constellations Coaching

Personal 1*1 processes for leadership for CEOs’ ,high management, team leaders and project managers.

Experiential based process to support and enhance meaningful change in relationships and bring fresh concepts and understanding.

  • Moving to a new position 
  • Navigation of personal career and advancement
  • Releasing negative management patterns
  • Innovative support in times of crises and chaos